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FIBROID HEALTH  cell-food nutrition

FIBROID HEALTH cell-food nutrition

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FIBROID HEALTH cell-food nutrition (Therapeutic package)            A wildcrafted cell food nutrition intra-cellular body cleanse, with minerals for nourishing and revitalizing the body. Aids in the cleansing and renourishing of the female reproductive cell tissues.                                                                                 

The therapeutic package consists of the 8 essential compounds:



1. Biolymph - Promotes cell tissue decalcification, stabilisation and boosting of the immune system, and detoxing of the lymphatic system.

2. Chelate Nurture - Supports the cleansing of GI tract & Colon.

3. Nurture Digest - Supports the cleansing and revitalisation of upper digestive systems, Pancreas, Liver, Kidney. 

4. Iron Plus Immuno 
Consists of immune stimulating and various iron rich wild plants, to aid strengthen the body and improve the immune system. Iron Plus Immuno also contains our wildcrafted purple seamoss and bladderwrack to support the body's overall mineral daily requirement.

5. Endobio - Nourishes the body's endocrine glands, promotes optimal body hormonal balance and function.

6. Ekenervi -  Cleanses and supports body homeostasis in the nourishing and balancing of the adrenals and nervous system.

7. Viruparagal - Addresses the fungal candida, viral bacteria, and parasitic compromised nature of cell tissues. 

8. Uterense 2 - Cleanses and renourishes the reproductive cell tissues, alleviating uterus inflammatory related conditions such as cysts and fibroids, promoting cell regeneration, fertility, and sexual appetite.



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